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Pineville City Police in 910 Main Street

Pineville City Police in 910 Main Street, Louisiana: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.



910 Main Street,
Pineville, Louisiana
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+1 318-442-6603

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Customer Reviews about Pineville City Police:

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    We need the name of the Pineville Police officer who arrested David Warden. We will evaluate the videos of the arrest and determine whether the officer violated the US Constitution. To detain, the cop needs Reasonable Articulable Suspicion of a CRIME. If there is no specific CRIME, the detention is illegal. To arrest, the police officer needs Probable Cause of a CRIME. I suspect it will turn out that the arresting officer and the Municipality of Pineville can be sued under USC 42 section 1983 (4th and 1st Amendment violations). If a lawsuit is brought in Federal venue, your local Kangaroo Courts won't help you. One way or another, the arresting officer and all those associated with him are about to become famous. It will be difficult for this cop to ever get another job as a cop if he loses this job as a cop. If this cop screwed up, you are negligent if you keep this officer employed. If you keep him, , and if he screws up again, you also can be sued for your negligence in keeping him employed. If your police officer violated the law, the Pineville Police Department, the City of Pineville, and the arresting officer are about to experience a difficult period. We are waiting to review the videos now.
    By Joy Betain, August 05, 2017
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    Pineville Police apparently like to detain people even when their officers aren't in uniform or their squad cars, then refuse to identify themselves a or give their badge #s. Corrupt system down there for sure. Called to complain, spoke to Deputy Ross, same attitude. Spoke to supervisor, LT Fetral (possibly spelled wrong), didn't seem to be interested in anything we had to say. These are the cops that give the rest of the Police force the bad rep.
    By J St.Clair, August 03, 2017
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    The worst. Inconsiderate, uneducated, ill mannered, and absolutely classless bunch of "peace keepers".
    By TehHijack, April 12, 2017
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    How many more people has your department unlawfully arrested for filming or protesting in front of military bases?? The people own all the establishments throughout the Country. The people is not just government employees it's all of us so get your facts straight before we report your tyrannical activities to the appropriate committees. You morons tend to forget who is the hands that feed you, which is TAXPAYERS (the general public) so you ought to watch yourselves.
    By ernesto rosete, January 13, 2017
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    Not alone in Louisiana law enforcement in that the police department operates on their own rules and not within the laws of this country. This police department ignores Supreme Court rulings and continues to operate as if it were 1950. Law abiding citizens are arrested off the streets merely because they choose not to relinquish their rights. Some Pineville PD Officers consider this contempt of their authority and then exceed their mandate by arresting those law abiding citizens. The D.O.J. should be taking a very close look at this unlawful department.
    By Robert Gates, October 21, 2016
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